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    We hear all sorts of questions about our daycare programs. If you don't see what you're looking for here, contact us by email or phone.

    We recognize that each child’s requirements are unique and are equipped to handle varying schedules and needs. When a child joins our family, we follow standard protocol to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for him/her and the parents. Prior to a child’s first day, we offer 3 transition days where you are welcome to join your child and help him/her settle in their new routine and classroom.

    Children spend approximately 2 hours engaging in outdoor play and activities each day. Our outdoor spaces are organized and separated by grade and offer age-appropriate interactive equipment and engagement to promote physical activity and skill development.

    In the toddler classroom, the ratio is 1:5 with a maximum capacity of 15 children led by 1 early childhood educator and 2 assistant teachers. In our preschooler classroom, the ratio is 1:8 with a maximum capacity of 16 children led by 1 early childhood educator and 1 assistant teacher.

    All teaching staff must have a diploma in early childhood education and be registered with the college of ECE’s. 

    All assistant teachers must have an early childcare assistant diploma or relevant experience.

    Yes. Teachers are our backbone; we support and encourage their professional development, certifications, accreditations and success. 

    Yes. When registering your child, there is a non-refundable fee of $250 for the first child and $75 for each additional child. This fee secures your child’s spot at Westpark.

    Payments can be made through pre-authorized debits (PAD), 6 postdated cheques (for the year), cheques or cash. Payments will be scheduled for the first of every month. Returned cheques will be subject to a $25 fee per cheque. Following two subsequent missing payments, your child will not be permitted to attend till the dues are cleared.

    Yes. Siblings will be offered a discounted rate of 10% per child.

    Westpark requires a written notice 30-days prior to the withdrawal of any student.

    Yes. We provide part-time care for 3 or 4 days a week. While we try our best to accommodate the days the parents would prefer, part-time care is dependent on availability. We recommend parents pick consistent days every week to make the transition easier on the children. Half-days are not offered, but parents can collect their child early should they need to.

    We try to accommodate the needs of all our children. Currently we offer vegetarian and halal meal options. For a specific allergy/dietary requirement, please contact the office.

    If prescribed by a doctor, medication will be administered. We will not accept any over the counter medication. Parents will be required to complete a medication form and provide the prescription which must be in the child’s name.

    If a child is unwell, the child must be kept home for a minimum of 48 hours. Before returning, the child must be symptom free or have a doctors note confirming he/she is not contagious. 

    If a fever develops while in our care, parents will be notified and must collect the child immediately. 

    If a child has pinkeye, the child must be kept home for 48 hours after drops were first administered.  

    If a child has diarrhea, the child must be kept home. If diarrhea occurs in our care, parents will be notified immediately, educators will monitor the child and may request for your child to be picked up. 

    We will use of discretion to determine if a child is not well enough to participate. Children who are unwell or showing symptoms will be separated from the rest of the class and cared for by the management.

    We encourage children in our preschool programs to be potty trained and will continue to assist in the process while children are in our care.

    We recommend children brining: a pack of diapers/pull-ups, diaper rash cream, sunscreen, a blanket, a water bottle, extra clothes and appropriate clothing depending on the season.

    If you have any additional questions, please send us an email as generalinbox@westparkdaycare.ca.